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New wall art

I bought three little chairs for photo shoots a couple of months ago and since they look strange sitting out in my house (I don’t have kids and I am too big to try to sit on them) I threw them in a closer. But the other day a friends two year old came over so out came one chair and it’s just been floating around the house until finally it landed here (see pics below)

I think it’s fabulous art. And when I have my next shoot I’ll just grab it off the wall. I must admit this is helping with my storage shortage. Now I just need to hang the other two.




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I love Chihuly. Like, a lot.

It all started when I saw his AB FAB ceiling at the Bellagio. It was love at first site. I could stare at that ceiling all day. So I was tickled when I heard he was going to have an exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum.

I saw it the other day when I was taking photos of baby Avery (scroll down to see that post) and I thought it was nice. BUT my world was rocked when I saw it LIGHTED last night after the Spazmatics concert.

Side note: If you live in Dallas or nearby I recommend you go to the Cool Concert series at the Arboretum. Bring friends, a picnic and your bevi of choice. You won’t regret it. You can buy your tickets online. Don’t waste your time trying to buy the Emerald City tickets because, alas, they are sold out. I know. I teared up about it earlier too. But lucky for you and me, they are playing in September. It will be glorious. There are some pics below from the concert so you get the feel including one of my FAV kissing pics that I’ve ever taken on my iphone of my friends Ruthie and Tyler. What a gorgeous couple!

Back to Chihuly, after the concert I was like a kid at Disney World- I was so giddy about the whole thing. I have the best friends because I made them pose in front of this big sun-curly-q ball while all these random people were standing around trying to get a picture too. I am sure I got looks.

Picture me with a bag of wine glasses (plastic, of course) on one arm, a big blanket over the over arm and an iPhone in my hands. It was a sight. I was taking random couples pictures, making them kiss and put their forehead together. At first I was thinking, they are probably so weirded out by me, but then they came over later and asked for another photo (not so crazy after all).

I just LOVED the Chihuly and am SO glad I got some photos so I can remember it. Forever. Go to the Chihuly, it is glorious.











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For the month of February I decided to surprise a few close college friends with these fun calendar cards. I made some for myself last year and thought they were so enjoyable that I wanted to share.

I am a HUGE fan of getting mail and think writing notes is a lost art. I try my best to send cards, notes and anything fun in the mail as often as possible. It is always such a nice surprise to find a postcard or handwritten note between bills and junk mail.

I think this photo from Pinterest really sums up mail and technology…

Here are calendar cards. My plan is to keep sending them a new one each month…let’s hope I don’t forget one month!

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Here is my creation from last night.


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Go Your Own Way

My dad fondly refers to me as the ‘lake rat’ because ever since I was little I have spent my summers at the lake. Whether it was camping out on the islands of Lake Texoma, riding around on the front of the boat or the sea-doo’s or going fishing with the boys, I have spent plenty of time at the lake. My families boat is up at Lake Texoma and since it is our summer hot spot I figured I would paint this for my dad. It was just a map of Lake Texoma that I ‘stretched’ over a canvas and then painted. What do you think? I think the quote is perfect for it.

Here are few favorite lake photos, too. I can’t wait to get back on the lake this summer!!

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Art is Art

I finished this my horse painting earlier this week and wanted to share the finished product!

My brother, Matt, took a few photos of my aunt’s horses and after seeing one of his photos I was inspired and wanted to try my hand at paintin’ livestock.

Happy Friday Y’all!

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Map Your Own Life

I painted/created these two works of art after reading this article.

This is the map of Oklahoma. I made sure to include all the important cities…like Stillwater, Bartlesville, OKC, Tulsa, Midwest City, Waukomis…

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