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New wall art

I bought three little chairs for photo shoots a couple of months ago and since they look strange sitting out in my house (I don’t have kids and I am too big to try to sit on them) I threw them in a closer. But the other day a friends two year old came over so out came one chair and it’s just been floating around the house until finally it landed here (see pics below)

I think it’s fabulous art. And when I have my next shoot I’ll just grab it off the wall. I must admit this is helping with my storage shortage. Now I just need to hang the other two.




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I went to Canton this past weekend on the hunt for a bench or chairs for the porch and was pleased with what I found. While the photos don’t do it justice and do not reflect my work (plus I have more to do…like hang the ferns and find different side tables and get some pillows to name a few) they still show you the new bench and a few new pieces of decor. Now if we could just get some cooler temps…







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My recent DIY project was this map. I just wanted to showcase where I’ve been (stateside, that is).



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I did a little spring cleaning and I wanted to share. My desk (and sunroom) has needed a little pick me up for months now. So randomly (but not that randomly, really I forgot about it) I found inspiration in an old coke can box. Here is my desk before. 20130401-093924.jpg

I wanted a place for my spools of thread that was a little more fun and different.
Here is the before…

So I tried this and am real happy with it! 20130401-094118.jpg
I cleaned out my drawers and filled a bowl with extra buttons…

And then I folded or refolded my fabric collection..20130401-095100.jpg
And as a part of the spring clean movement, I organized my paints that sit in a box next to my desk.
Here’s the finished product: 20130403-223112.jpg

And I just loved the light that was streaming in, so here was my view while cleaning. Really pretty but actually really hot in here.. 20130403-223253.jpg
Man, I loooovvvveee me some spring cleaning…

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There are nights when I love to go out and have a thrilling night on the town.

But then there are nights where I would love to spend my evening sitting here (see any photo below) in about 70 degree weather while wearing a cute J Crew outfit with a fabulous cocktail in my hand and great music floating in the air.

A girl can dream.

I can’t wait for those nights but until then, I’ll be out on the town or out on my couch.

Happy Friday!

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Office Space

I am extremely convinced that people would enjoy work more if they enjoyed the space they worked in (meaning it was pleasing to their eyes). Yes, I think the people/co-workers also matter but in my opinion every person in the working world has an idea in their head of what their dream office would look like. Nothing again the decorators of most offices but why do they think it is ok to use so much beige and browns? Why do we all have to have the same design? Where is the creativity? Yes, I realize it is more expensive to individualize each cubical and office but here are my thoughts: It costs money to make that cube and put the beige furniture in it and the “backsplash beige bulletin board”. Why not save that money and each time you hire a new person let them decorate their own space with that saved money? Also it would give them a little ownership. (disclaimer: if you love your office or cube and it is generic or has a lot of beige, I think that is great that you love it and I am not knocking your style, I am just giving my opinion.)

I compare it to Christmas. Everyone is a little more excited to go to work when things are decorated and cheery, why not give them a reason to enjoy year round?

I am not sure if Corporate America (or in my world non-profit america) will ever see it my way, BUT if they do (or if one day I just become the boss) here are some photos I will use as inspiration to create my dream office. And I am telling you, I WILL look forward to coming to work everyday…because it will be soooo prreeetttyyy!!!

I like that chair above

Images can be found here

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I have had this lamp sitting around my house for a few years and I just haven’t been loving it. Here is the original.

Last year, I spray painted it and cut the fabric off. I just couldn’t look at that fabric any more.

Then I just kind of left it there and never really use it.

Since my new home is an old house, there are some rooms that do not have overhead lights so we have to have lamps (which is fine by me because I love lamps). So I got a new white drum  lampshade for this  one and just wasn’t feeling the white base anymore. I started pinning a few ideas and then thought “I have a few cans of spray paint, I just need to use one of those so I don’t spend more money.” Look at me, using what I have.

This was the first can I used. And I really liked it but I ran out of paint and you could still see the white in some corners.

So I found this navy and thought how perfect!!!

(drum roll please – also please read this like a jock jams announcer would)

Heeeeeerrrrrreee is the fiiinnnniissshhheeeeedddd PRRRRRROOODDDDUUUUCCCCCTTTTT!!!

And the crowd goes wild!!! yyyyyyaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!


Enough of that. Here is my before and after. I am loving this lamp since it’s redo!


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