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My recent DIY project was this map. I just wanted to showcase where I’ve been (stateside, that is).




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DIY Onesies

I have graduated from the friends getting married phase and now am into the friends having babies phase. I feel like we have all come a long way. Our facebook news feed used to be dominated with photos from date parties, the bar and tailgates and now it is dominated with babies and first day of school photos ( I can’t judge. I recently became an aunt and Lincoln is all over my facebook). It’s so fun to watch everyone grow up and become an adult (even though I don’t feel a day older than that 22 year old girl living on Miller Street in Stillwater, OK).

For my shower gifts, I have opted to not follow the registry (I know, such a sin!), instead I have been making onesies for my lovely friends who are mothers to be. Here’s my handy dandy work. My favs are the vest, skinny tie and the state of Oklahoma.

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Lincoln Brown’s Baby Shower

Recently, my two aunts, my cousin and I threw a baby shower for my big sister, Lindsay. My cousin contacted me early on to tell me that we were in charge of the decorations, which I was thrilled about because decorating is SO my strength over cooking. I started a few weeks early and made a fabric garland, a string of large circles sewn together (see picture below), made waterbottles labels with Lincoln’s monogram, designed “advice” cards and found some cute decorations from around the house.

We catered the tea sandwiches and the cake pops from the Hospitality Sweet and the cute onesie and little boy cookies were made by Grace Pillar. Aren’t they adorable?!

We didn’t do a hostess gift so I decided to follow my homemade trend and made her these onesies. I figure little Linc needs to be stylin.

It was so much fun making all the stuff for Lindsay’s shower and it all was a huge hit! Hope you enjoy the pics from the shower!



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Chalkboard paint

I’ve had this container since college. It was left over from our store and never was my favorite so I gave it a quick upgrade. I figure it could be used for many things. And how nice to be able to label what it is.

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 I finished the stain on my cart as well as the polishing up the sides. Now I just need to move it into my house and take photos to post it online. This thing is a chunk. You can see the push bar leaning on the garage to the right. It really comes in handy and will be sold with it. You never know when you might need a rolling cart that doubles as a coffee table!

I had garage sale a few weeks ago to inspire my family to clean out their houses …and to make a little cash. While doing that I fould these two vintage pink lamps that were my great grandmothers (Mamo- sounds like maa- maw) and just had to have them. I got the shades from target. I think the lamps look great and really add something to my second room. It usually looks pretty unorganized in that room (it is my creative room) so adding the lamps made me clean it up. I wonder how long that will last… Now I just need to decide how I want to handle those paintings behind the lamp…

Today is Tucker’s 2nd birthday and while I know it is super cheesy to celebrate a dogs birthday I feel this celebration is well worth it. I am so lucky to be able to celebrate his second birthday with him after all we have gone through together. I know he is just a silly dog to some people but he has taught me so many of lifes lessons.

For those of you who have never seen my blog before, Tucker was lost for a week last December and after a week of searching, I found him safe and sound at a sweet man’s house one street south of my house. It was an extremely rough week but through the defeat and frustration, I received so much love and support from my family, my friends, my neighbors, old friends and people I had never met. Tucker’s story (read it here) has had such a huge impact on my life and I am reminded daily of the love and support that is all around me just because of Tucker. I still have friends that will say: ‘We followed Tucker’s story the whole time, we are so glad he is back’ and ‘I have no clue how you survived that week, we were so worried about Tucker’ and ‘I had a slow day so  I re-read Tucker’s story on your blog.’

I am so thankful to all of you that gave me support then and continue to now. Tucker is a regluar old silly, sweet dog (who loves to destroy freshly sewn pillows) but he is a wonderful reminder of the love that is all around us.


Happy birthday, sweet Tucker. You have changed me for the better.

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I bought this secretary desk back at the start of the heat wave and I almost have it finished! I just have a few touch ups and then I will post it on Etsy.



Almost finished…

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I discovered this piece of furniture in a trash pile…

 …and then I brought it back to life…

and now it is for sale at my Etsy Shop.

Welcome back to life, cute side table!!

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