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I have been on a onesie kick since so many people I know are having kids soon. After making onesies for my girlfriends, I realized I made a few extra so I decided to give them a go at my Etsy shop. Here are  a few pics of  pics of the new threads!


Congrats to all my bun in the oven friends!


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Annnd I am back!

Gosh it has been a long time since I posted anything on here. I moved this past weekend to a super cute house and the whole packing, moving and unpacking process has taken over my life.

I feel so out of it all across the board.

But the beautiful thing about moving is that your purge and in my mind I have PURGED. I got rid of clothes, kitchen items, furniture, old papers and just randomness. My brother is having a garage sale this summer so everything went to that. I will let you know when it is if you want to see if any of my trash is your treasure.

Another thing this move has done for me is to encourage me to get some projects done and y’all, it was piling up. I completed a few and I have a few more that I am doing this weekend and I’ll post some photos then. I decided I CANNOT take on anymore projects until my garage is empty, or at least all projects are complete.

Another task I completed was to update my Etsy site. I marked somethings down a bit and added a few items. You can find my shop here: Life at Second Glance

Here are a few items for sale:

Things that I plan to finish and potentially put on sale soon:

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I got this old worn out sewing table at an estate sale a few summers back.

 It has been a couple of colors and I have had a few ideas for it.

 Finally, I have decided it would be a great bedside table. My dad and I “closed off” the hole where the machine would go so the future owner could store stuff.

Now, it is finally painted and posted to my shop on etsy (which I recently renamed from just LoriEWilson to LifeatSecondGlance.)

What do you think this table could be?

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Here is my final dining room chair redo from my old dining room chairs. I used this teal a while ago on a different chair and just LOVED it. I love it because it pops, it reminds me of my mom (it’s her favorite color) and it make me think of the ocean.

This was my other ‘Friday Night Project’ that I finished this past Friday. What do you think?

Here is the link to this chair on my Etsy shop


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I reno-ed two old frames into a jewelry display by painting the frames and then attaching this radiator grate from home depot. I plan to post them to my Etsy shop (once I get a quote on shipping). What do you think of the colors I chose? What other colors do you think would look good?

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After I received tons of inspiration from Nest, I decided to put these chairs on sale on etsy (check out my store here). So I had a mini photo shoot yesterday afternoon with my chairs.   I will post these items later today (hopefully!) and no they will not be over $1000, I am not at baller status yet..

Thanks for the votes of confidence I’ve been receiving! You all are great!

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I posted another painting on my Etsy Shop. Back in the day, my sister used to wear a sweatshirt that had a lamb like this one on it, so I decided it needed to live on as a painting. It just makes me smile! To see my etsy shop click here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LoriEWilson

I have plans for ‘shop growth’ so stay tuned!

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