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DIY Onesies

I have graduated from the friends getting married phase and now am into the friends having babies phase. I feel like we have all come a long way. Our facebook news feed used to be dominated with photos from date parties, the bar and tailgates and now it is dominated with babies and first day of school photos ( I can’t judge. I recently became an aunt and Lincoln is all over my facebook). It’s so fun to watch everyone grow up and become an adult (even though I don’t feel a day older than that 22 year old girl living on Miller Street in Stillwater, OK).

For my shower gifts, I have opted to not follow the registry (I know, such a sin!), instead I have been making onesies for my lovely friends who are mothers to be. Here’s my handy dandy work. My favs are the vest, skinny tie and the state of Oklahoma.


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I have a bad habit of buying fabric and then never using it. I am not proud of this habit. I just fear that I will use the fabric on the wrong thing. I guess I am just waiting for inspiration? But either way, I have too much fabric for one who doesn’t sew on a daily basis. (I am dramatizing the situation; I have some fabric but not tons and tons. I am imaging that you think I have over 100 fabrics folded neatly in stacks when really it’s more like 25 – not so bad, right?!)

This past weekend I woke up early on Saturday after a wonderful night of watching the opening Olympic ceremonies …or falling asleep half way through them. Apparently my coffee was extremely energizing on Saturday, because I got all kinds of things done. I made some red beaded necklaces, green necklaces, sewed 5 onesies with my friend Maggie, made a blue maxi skirt and painted an exciting sample color on my dining room table (stay tuned for that post. I. Can’t. Wait.) Like I said the coffee was strong.

I had some left over fabric from a Rangers t-shirt dress that I made a few years ago and it has just been sitting in my fabric drawer waiting to be used to its full potential. I also had just the right amount of elastic and a large bag of red and green beads. So instead of spending money, I decided to make do with what I had.

Here is my Ranger dress:


I didn’t have a pattern for the skirt; I just looked at other elastic skirts I owned and just played it by ear. It’s not the best skirt in the whole world, but I think it will do just fine.

So here is my skirt with two of the red necklaces I made. It felt great to use things that have just been waiting to be used instead of spend more money and I feel like I am supporting Team USA with these colors. Such a win win!


Of course Tucker had to be a part of it.


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I have been on a onesie kick since so many people I know are having kids soon. After making onesies for my girlfriends, I realized I made a few extra so I decided to give them a go at my Etsy shop. Here are  a few pics of  pics of the new threads!


Congrats to all my bun in the oven friends!

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I am excited to say that I am leaving for New York tomorrow morning! In case you were just asking yourself, “wasn’t she just in New York this past month?” yes, you are correct. But this time, I am going with a good girlfriend and we are going to Brooklyn Flea, Once the Musical, Evita, the Guggenheim, hopefully Serendipity and the list goes on. It’s going to be SO much fun.

I got a cute purse at H&M yesterday, so cross that off the list and now on to packing. Packing has become quite the dilemma. My OCD self likes to make a list of outfits to wear each day so that I…

1.       Actually look at the weather and know what to expect

2.       Don’t over pack (In the past, I have taken WAY too much on trips.)

3.       Actually bring comfortable shoes

4.       And finally, so I don’t look like a hobo with mismatched outfits since I didn’t plan.

So here I sit, searching my brain and blogs/pinterest for cute outfits. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

 According to Mr. Al Roker, it is quite steamy this morning at 73 degrees in the Big Apple. Speaking of the Today show, I do have to say that even though Ann Curry drives me crazy, I did like her yellow dress this morning. However, I think Natalie Morales would have looked way cuter in it.

Anyway, here are some jumping off points including hair options which can all be found here. Thoughts? Concerns?

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Red and Aqua

I saw this cute outfit yesterday on one of my favorite blogs coco + kelley and felt inspired. I just love these colors. I’m just glad that it is warm out!



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This past weekend, I went to Ikea to stock up on some new home needs and came across this wonderful mirror. I couldn’t decide between two different mirrors so I let Travis decide. And what a great choice!

Why I  love this mirror:

  • You can see your ENTIRE self. (so if you are wearing heels you don’t have to squat to see your entire look.)

  • It makes the room feel larger (I love the illusion you get from a mirror)

  • It completes the dressing room feel.

  • It just makes me happy.

    I also included a photo of what I am wearing today because I want more ideas of tops that I could wear with this skirt. Thoughts?

    (please excuse the boxes and the mess. I have been at events every night this week! At least I can see the floor now…)

    Also here is my current living room set up. I plan to move things around, make some new pillows, hang things up, unpack boxes, etc. Stay tuned, I will need your advice!

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Homemade Skirt

I finished my polka dot skirt and decided today was the perfect day to strut my stuff. It was about 60 degrees and perfect out. What do you think of the finished product?

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