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I feel super behind on my blogging. The parade is three weeks away so my work to do list has taken over my life to do list. So this post is a little late but still totally worth sharing.

My sweet daddy bear (yes I call him that and my nephews call him big bear, I like nicknames) turned 65 last month (as much as he would HATE that I just shared that with the internet) and I wanted to do something special. I was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across this great pin and fell in love with the idea. So I put together a note asking our family and friends to write at least one memory of him with hopes of getting 65 memories for 65 years. Over the month of October, memories of my dad continued to appear in my mail box. Each one opening a new door into my dad’s life.

Since dad’s birthday is on Halloween us Wilson kids decided to do our little letter opening the day before his birthday because we all were going to be in the same town thanks to OSU homecoming. (go pokes!)

We got together at my sister’s house and put my dad in another room while the three kids plus my mom put the memories into envelopes and scrapbook pages (ahem! Lindsay!) We all gathered around in my sister’s laundry giggling like 8 year olds. I remember Christmas’ where we would wait outside my parent’s door while they wrapped our presents, just waiting to see what surprises they had. And now we were on the other end of it- my dad waiting and us putting his gift together.

We gave him his envelopes and he started reading them and here are a few things we learned about my dad…

  • One day he was in the Phi Delt parking lot and he decided to do a judo kick (?????) and accidentally kicked someones car. Apparently this same guy had car issues because later on we found out he got his car stuck between two trees…

  • Dad has been working on cars since he was young and his siblings used to watch him because Waukomis, OK was so…boring.

  • He once stole a date from his friend Yunhke at a date party at OSU

  • his home phone number used to be two numbers, yes just two.

  • there were tons more fun memories but we learned most importantly that he is loved by many and has had a lot of fun.

It was a lot of fun and I am pretty sure it was fun for him to remember some of those moments. It is funny how at times in our lives memories and thoughts seem so important and like such a big deal and then years pass and we start to forget. Here are some of the photos from the letter reading. It was a day I will never forget and will treasure always. I didn’t want it to end.

Thank you to everyone who sent something in.

Happy Birthday Daddy Bear! I love you!



I love the photo above with everyone laughing. It’s pure happiness.

My sweet family! Great photog skills Jody, the one above is my fav and just classic!!!


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Sweet Home Stillwater

A couple of weekends ago, I went to Stillwater for OSU Homecoming and if you have never been to Homecoming or Stillwater you are missing out. This post may sound a little ‘too into college’ for some but if you don’t get it you never will. When I was 18, I had the choice to go to UT or OSU and after visiting both campuses I just felt at home at OSU. Maybe it was the adventure of not knowing anyone or maybe it really was a home I had only known in a far off dream since both my parents and my sister went there.

I hated my first semester but I fell in love with Stillwater my second semester and never looked back. There is something about pushing the boundaries and really branching out in a new place that exposes your true self, good or bad, and Stillwater was that boundary line. I remember being so homesick my first semester at OSU and then my first year out of college in the real world I felt so homesick for Stillwater, the Pi Phi house, my house on Miller, my friends, and the care free feeling I had there (ok, maybe I am still homesick almost four years later).

The sleepy little college town of Stillwater, OK will always have a soft spot in my heart and I will always get giddy when I round that corner near Karsten Creek on Highway 51 and see my sweet town of Stillwater. Cross Canadian Ragweed (previous OSU students) said it best when they said you are always 17 in your home town…but for me, I will always be 21 in Stillwater.

One photo I have always wanted to take in Stillwater is this barn. I think it is a part of the Ag School and it is right of Highway 51 before you hit all the Stillwater hotspots. I think this photo would look wonderful with a fresh blanket of snow, but for now these are my favorite shots. (Cross this off my photo bucket list.)

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Good News

I have had a string of good news moments and wanted to share:


Yesterday, I was pulling into City Hall to fight an unfair parking ticket. Already in a grumpy mood over my ticket, I pulled into a metered spot and the meter already had an hour and twenty minutes worth of money/time on it. I was so excited. When I returned I fed it a few more quarters hoping the next person finds the same surprise.

(Oh, and I won my parking ticket battle. I don’t have to pay the fine!!)

This morning I got up for my morning run and was pretty excited to put on legging due to the cooler weather. I grabbed a light jacket and threw my headphones in the pocket and found $5.

Nothing big, but to me all three moments have made my week.


Have you had any moments that have made your week in the past few days?

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Good News

It has been a while since I posted some good news and I feel likes it’s time to remind the world why life is great.

I love animals (obviously by how many photos I post of my sweet lab, Tucker). I think they are just wonderful and add so much to our lives.

Well, about a year ago the Benson family was in a car accident and sadly lost their three family members- the dad, daughter and the dog Ceasar. Ceasar ran away in the midst of the fatal accident which happened in Michigan.

One year later, a woman found Ceasar in New Mexico a shelter. She was looking for adoptable dog and scanned Ceasar for a Microchip. She then did a little researching because this number was disconnected, found the Benson family and reunited the family with Ceasar. The Benson’s said it is the happiest news they have received in a year. To read more about this happy reunion and watch the family being reunited click here.


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If you know me you probably know I love feel good moments and spreading this good feelings. I found the sweetest blog recently and have really enjoyed following it. It doesn’t fit in as well with my typical blog list (photo blogs, design blogs, style blogs, etc) but it sure does stand out in a good way.

Check out Just Little Things for a guaranteed smile and feel good moment. Here are a few of my favorites:

Happy Friday!

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I signed up for the values.com quote of the day email so I thought I would share my favorite one from the week and give you the sign up link. I always look forward to it!

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. ”

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862);

naturalist, author, philosopher

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You’ve got to remain to bein’ yourself…you cannot be nobody else. It ain’t no use. Make no difference whether it’s in the morning, the evening or in the night time…hair breakin’ out, bald headed…its the same thing…I am what I am and that’s all I am and I am it…

Not sure who said this. I saw it on a door at a restaurant in Destin, Florida.

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