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Tada! I finished my black and white striped homemade skirt. It was a little tricky not having a pattern but I did it (after ripping the zipper out five times but hey, you have to learn somehow). What do you think?




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I have a bad habit of buying fabric and then never using it. I am not proud of this habit. I just fear that I will use the fabric on the wrong thing. I guess I am just waiting for inspiration? But either way, I have too much fabric for one who doesn’t sew on a daily basis. (I am dramatizing the situation; I have some fabric but not tons and tons. I am imaging that you think I have over 100 fabrics folded neatly in stacks when really it’s more like 25 – not so bad, right?!)

This past weekend I woke up early on Saturday after a wonderful night of watching the opening Olympic ceremonies …or falling asleep half way through them. Apparently my coffee was extremely energizing on Saturday, because I got all kinds of things done. I made some red beaded necklaces, green necklaces, sewed 5 onesies with my friend Maggie, made a blue maxi skirt and painted an exciting sample color on my dining room table (stay tuned for that post. I. Can’t. Wait.) Like I said the coffee was strong.

I had some left over fabric from a Rangers t-shirt dress that I made a few years ago and it has just been sitting in my fabric drawer waiting to be used to its full potential. I also had just the right amount of elastic and a large bag of red and green beads. So instead of spending money, I decided to make do with what I had.

Here is my Ranger dress:


I didn’t have a pattern for the skirt; I just looked at other elastic skirts I owned and just played it by ear. It’s not the best skirt in the whole world, but I think it will do just fine.

So here is my skirt with two of the red necklaces I made. It felt great to use things that have just been waiting to be used instead of spend more money and I feel like I am supporting Team USA with these colors. Such a win win!


Of course Tucker had to be a part of it.


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I have been on a onesie kick since so many people I know are having kids soon. After making onesies for my girlfriends, I realized I made a few extra so I decided to give them a go at my Etsy shop. Here are  a few pics of  pics of the new threads!


Congrats to all my bun in the oven friends!

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For the month of February I decided to surprise a few close college friends with these fun calendar cards. I made some for myself last year and thought they were so enjoyable that I wanted to share.

I am a HUGE fan of getting mail and think writing notes is a lost art. I try my best to send cards, notes and anything fun in the mail as often as possible. It is always such a nice surprise to find a postcard or handwritten note between bills and junk mail.

I think this photo from Pinterest really sums up mail and technology…

Here are calendar cards. My plan is to keep sending them a new one each month…let’s hope I don’t forget one month!

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I am a pack rat. They say the first step to getting over a problem is admitting it.

The only thing is I admit it quite frequently but still haven’t gotten over it. I blame my mom (love you mom!). I remember when I was a kid and my dad would come in my room with a bunch of large trash bags and would say, “Listen Lo, today we are cleaning out your room and we are going to think trash.” Think trash is a very common phrase that gets said to me (and my mom) by my dad and sister from time to time.

The only problem is when I think of trash I think of all the things I could do with that trash. And the ideas keep coming but I don’t settle on something for quite some time.

But I am moving in a few months so I am trying to think productively and get some projects done so that I can clean up and out. It’s a little too rainy and cold and dark to do any projects that require me being outside so I have been trying to clean out my ‘create’ room (aka my second room).

Back in college a few friends and I owned a small jewelry and accessories shop/booth in Stillwater and I ALWAYS kept the broken necklaces and earring thinking one day I would give those pieces another chance at life. Well, we closed the shop down over three years ago and finally last night I found all those old beads and made some necklaces. I have only been talking about that for years, so it felt really good to get that done.

This morning I walked into work with a few of my new necklaces on and I immediately got a compliment on them (highlight of my day!!). I decided to make them with individual clasps because there are so many times I want to just wear one necklace and not three.

I have more beads to use so stay tuned!

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I hung up my silverware chandelier  last night and feel super accomplished because I started this project a while ago…maybe a few summers ago. I saw a silverware chandelier at Canton and wanted to make one too.

So I started buying silverware at flea markets (anything over $.25 was absurdly expensive).

After I felt I had enough, I finally got the holes drilled in each piece and then my dad welded a hoop together for me. Then the chandelier kind of sat around for a while and acted as a wind chime on the side of my bar..or at least that is what tuckers tail thought it was.

But last night, I was determined to hang it. I went to Home Depot with Tucker in tow and met Jim. Jim was a huge help and even gave me an engineering lesson. It was kind of cute after he introduced himself  and I told him what I was working on he said ‘ok well, I am an engineer so bare with me.’ And a few anchors and test runs later I was out the door.

Now I decided to fly solo and by solo I mean I didn’t have my dad come over and I still haven’t decided if that was a good thing or not. I had to text him a few photos and after a few tries I got all the anchors flush with the ceiling. Then I somehow got each rope tied off and there you have it.

I am just waiting for this anchor to come out…

The package says it will hold up to 60 pounds but I think that is only true when you don’t make the bottom of the hole too big. Oh well! I will let you know if it comes down. I just hope it doesn’t fall in the middle of the night…That would be terrifying!

And of course there are Tucker photos…he was just being so cute and extremely supportive.

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I worked a little on my found trash the other day and was feeling a little show and tell.


After being sanded:

First Coat of Paint

Also here are the pillows I made for my mom’s new couch. The original ones were kind of…cheesy for lack of a better word. (But in this photo they are on my couch instead of my moms…) go pokes – gotta love that orange, black and white

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