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I got this idea from my next door neighbor, Lyn. This is really easy, fun and adds a fresh look to your house. Either find some old sweaters or go to Goodwill or Salvation Army for old ‘animal fiber’ sweaters (wool, cashmere, etc.)  to make a heart garland like this one:

To start your project, get some fun colored  sweaters. I have found it super helpful to felt your sweaters before you cut so they will be sturdy. If you don’t know how to felt them click here or just google it. You can do all pink and red hearts but I like tons of color because then you can use it all year.

Then, cut about three hearts from each sweater, depending on how many sweaters you have and how long you want your garland to be.

Here is a close up of one my my hearts

Then get some black cord or ribbon to tie your hearts together. I had a hard time getting my cord to go through each sweater so I had to make a hole on some of them.

After you have tied them together it should look something like this.

Now if you don’t felt your sweaters first then it will look like this depending on the type of sweaters you choose to use..

This is really easy and fun to do. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck and Happy Valentines day!


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I was inspired by tater tots and jello and made an OSU wreath. It looks more like a halloween wreath so I guess it has duel purpose. I just bought a wire framed wreath and then bought a 72 pack of white, orange and black balloons. It was super fun but my hands were gross after all was said and done. Hope it inspires you!

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After finding tatertots and jello this past week, I decided to try the candy corn pennant. It just got me that more excited about fall!

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