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I did a little spring cleaning and I wanted to share. My desk (and sunroom) has needed a little pick me up for months now. So randomly (but not that randomly, really I forgot about it) I found inspiration in an old coke can box. Here is my desk before. 20130401-093924.jpg

I wanted a place for my spools of thread that was a little more fun and different.
Here is the before…

So I tried this and am real happy with it! 20130401-094118.jpg
I cleaned out my drawers and filled a bowl with extra buttons…

And then I folded or refolded my fabric collection..20130401-095100.jpg
And as a part of the spring clean movement, I organized my paints that sit in a box next to my desk.
Here’s the finished product: 20130403-223112.jpg

And I just loved the light that was streaming in, so here was my view while cleaning. Really pretty but actually really hot in here.. 20130403-223253.jpg
Man, I loooovvvveee me some spring cleaning…


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I can’t even remember what my last blog post was. I have been busy busy at work with the Children’s Medical Center Holiday Parade. I really don’t know where to begin with a recap on what all I have seen so here are some highlights from the past few months:

_MG_0129-2 _MG_0974 _MG_9507Joshua and Katie Cackey Wes playing the guitarCute kiddo Cute Kiddo Engagement photos Engagement photos Baby in a pumpkin Couple Photos Couple photos Family Photos Cute kiddo I took a weekend adventure to Port Aransas…Shrimp boat Crane taking flight going to the beach the beach End of the day

I had tons of family shoots for Christmas cards including one with this cutie below.To the skyFamily photo


Here’s a glimpse into my day at the parade.Parade I am obsessed with the shoes I have on in these photos. And I am in love with Caterpillar.parade parade parade GIBs Tap Dazzlers Door Sign at the Parade Parade Parade

These girls help me through a crazy busy day!

These girls help me through a crazy busy day!

Chefs at the adolphus Parade Float

I will do my best to keep blogging. It has been hard to catch up on all my TV shows, laundry (I hate it), decorate my house for Christmas and constantly sweet up Tucker’s dog hair. He’s so messy.

I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas. 

Here is a photo from my most recent shoot!Cute family

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There are nights when I love to go out and have a thrilling night on the town.

But then there are nights where I would love to spend my evening sitting here (see any photo below) in about 70 degree weather while wearing a cute J Crew outfit with a fabulous cocktail in my hand and great music floating in the air.

A girl can dream.

I can’t wait for those nights but until then, I’ll be out on the town or out on my couch.

Happy Friday!

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My girlfriends and I have this silly fun game we play at rehearsal dinners and sometimes out in public called a one two three laugh. It’s really difficult so try to keep up. We tell the whole table about it (there is always a newbie) and explain to them what a fake laugh is and then demonstrate our own fake laugh. Mine sounds like goofy’s laugh, Kailey does this awesome tongue roll laugh (it’s genius) and Emily does this honking type noise. Usually the game is a quick indicator of which guests are going to be on the dance floor with us all night at the wedding and which ones will be watching from the side with a drink in their hand.

After everyone has their fake laugh down, someone counts to three (quietly, obvi) and the whole table erupts with laughter. The whole dinner party looks over at us and we are just losing it over our fake laughs. And when I say “losing it” I mean that someone has a cheek ache, I am probably crying and someone else has a stomach ache…all from laughing so hard. We automatically become the fun table and everyone wonders what we are talking about and why they didn’t get to sit with us.

Since the rehearsal dinners are few and far between we have turned to pinterest to get a laugh. Anytime I need a good laugh I pull up my “make me laugh” pinterest board. I get so tickled over each pin and it never gets old to me.

Here are a few favorites. I hope one of these makes you laugh so hard that you cry or snort. Those are always the best laughs.

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I love Chihuly. Like, a lot.

It all started when I saw his AB FAB ceiling at the Bellagio. It was love at first site. I could stare at that ceiling all day. So I was tickled when I heard he was going to have an exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum.

I saw it the other day when I was taking photos of baby Avery (scroll down to see that post) and I thought it was nice. BUT my world was rocked when I saw it LIGHTED last night after the Spazmatics concert.

Side note: If you live in Dallas or nearby I recommend you go to the Cool Concert series at the Arboretum. Bring friends, a picnic and your bevi of choice. You won’t regret it. You can buy your tickets online. Don’t waste your time trying to buy the Emerald City tickets because, alas, they are sold out. I know. I teared up about it earlier too. But lucky for you and me, they are playing in September. It will be glorious. There are some pics below from the concert so you get the feel including one of my FAV kissing pics that I’ve ever taken on my iphone of my friends Ruthie and Tyler. What a gorgeous couple!

Back to Chihuly, after the concert I was like a kid at Disney World- I was so giddy about the whole thing. I have the best friends because I made them pose in front of this big sun-curly-q ball while all these random people were standing around trying to get a picture too. I am sure I got looks.

Picture me with a bag of wine glasses (plastic, of course) on one arm, a big blanket over the over arm and an iPhone in my hands. It was a sight. I was taking random couples pictures, making them kiss and put their forehead together. At first I was thinking, they are probably so weirded out by me, but then they came over later and asked for another photo (not so crazy after all).

I just LOVED the Chihuly and am SO glad I got some photos so I can remember it. Forever. Go to the Chihuly, it is glorious.











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I have a few thoughts/shouts out I would like to leave with you all before the weekend starts (I realize some of you are already on your weekend but just humor me).

Shout Outs:

Schmidt from New Girl: I caught up on New Girl last night and I just LOVE Schmidt and here is why: he owns it. He owns all his little imperfections and the douchebag jar and he doesn’t seem to care. He’s just like the honey badger, he doesn’t care, he does what he wants. And that is beautiful to me (and super attractive).

My friends: I had a great weekend with my college friends and I just feel so lucky to have them and other amazing friends from all walks of life who are there for me at all times of the day and night.

The Hunger Games: My friend, Linda, and I constantly talk about the Hunger Games characters as if they were real. Linda hasn’t gotten into the third book yet and she is extremely worried about who Katniss will end up with (I remember feeling the EXACT same way). She feels the same way as I do about Peeta. He is just wonderful.

And finally a nice shout out to Easter weekend!

Here are my song selections that I recommend y’all check out:

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I am a pack rat. They say the first step to getting over a problem is admitting it.

The only thing is I admit it quite frequently but still haven’t gotten over it. I blame my mom (love you mom!). I remember when I was a kid and my dad would come in my room with a bunch of large trash bags and would say, “Listen Lo, today we are cleaning out your room and we are going to think trash.” Think trash is a very common phrase that gets said to me (and my mom) by my dad and sister from time to time.

The only problem is when I think of trash I think of all the things I could do with that trash. And the ideas keep coming but I don’t settle on something for quite some time.

But I am moving in a few months so I am trying to think productively and get some projects done so that I can clean up and out. It’s a little too rainy and cold and dark to do any projects that require me being outside so I have been trying to clean out my ‘create’ room (aka my second room).

Back in college a few friends and I owned a small jewelry and accessories shop/booth in Stillwater and I ALWAYS kept the broken necklaces and earring thinking one day I would give those pieces another chance at life. Well, we closed the shop down over three years ago and finally last night I found all those old beads and made some necklaces. I have only been talking about that for years, so it felt really good to get that done.

This morning I walked into work with a few of my new necklaces on and I immediately got a compliment on them (highlight of my day!!). I decided to make them with individual clasps because there are so many times I want to just wear one necklace and not three.

I have more beads to use so stay tuned!

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