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I have had this lamp sitting around my house for a few years and I just haven’t been loving it. Here is the original.

Last year, I spray painted it and cut the fabric off. I just couldn’t look at that fabric any more.

Then I just kind of left it there and never really use it.

Since my new home is an old house, there are some rooms that do not have overhead lights so we have to have lamps (which is fine by me because I love lamps). So I got a new white drum  lampshade for this  one and just wasn’t feeling the white base anymore. I started pinning a few ideas and then thought “I have a few cans of spray paint, I just need to use one of those so I don’t spend more money.” Look at me, using what I have.

This was the first can I used. And I really liked it but I ran out of paint and you could still see the white in some corners.

So I found this navy and thought how perfect!!!

(drum roll please – also please read this like a jock jams announcer would)

Heeeeeerrrrrreee is the fiiinnnniissshhheeeeedddd PRRRRRROOODDDDUUUUCCCCCTTTTT!!!

And the crowd goes wild!!! yyyyyyaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!


Enough of that. Here is my before and after. I am loving this lamp since it’s redo!



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I painted this lamp a few months ago but left this drab lamp shade because I wasn’t sure what color I wanted it to be.


But finally after a few months of not being able to make up my mind, I just cut off the shade…

and I really like it. It feels kind of…industrial. I think it totally fits my ‘create’ room.

What do you think?

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I need to get better at taking before, during and after pictures because this lamp redo really makes me smile and I wish I could share the before with you. To give you a mental image think rose-ish tan as the body of the lamp and no shade. Nothing too ugly but nothing special. My dad got this lamp back when I was in high school for his auto repair shop and something along the way happened to the lamp shade. So my brother took the lamp and got a new shade to jazz up his college apartment. He couldn’t find a finial so he just went without one-  when in Rome/when in college… So post college, the dreaded lamp came back to the Wilson household.

About a month ago, my sister was home and asked why we still had this horrid lamp and threw out the idea of throwing it away. In steps Lori the pack rat. I decided the lamp didn’t need to be thrown out, it needed a second life. I spray painted it white and then got a smaller drum lamp shade for it. Target makes great lamp shades that do not need finials (Perfect!!). After bringing this lamp back to life, I decided it won the number one spot of my bed side lamp. I just think it pops next to my bed and once I paint that wall it will REALLY pop. What do you think? Paint can do some great things!!

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I finished my lamp. It was A LOT harder than I expected. I totally respect the lamp shade makers in the world. The hard part was making the pattern look good. What do you think?



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I got this lamp from Target back in high school. And I just love it. It makes me smile.

Got to love that fringe….

I want new stylish lamps for my house because I am a huge lamp person. But honestly, my budget is kind of low so I decided to reno all my current lamps and save some cash. I love this cute elephant and knew he had some hidden potential.

So before I jumped, I texted my bff Emily to get her opinion – should I spray it white or keep it the same. She gave me the thumbs up on the color white and my sweet little ellie got a make over.

I also cut the bead fringe off the shade. After I did that I got an old t-shirt and made a ‘sample pattern’ to cut my new fabric. I can’t find my hot glue gun so I am done for now but I wanted to share… What do you think? The pattern is hard to ‘line up’ with the curved shade (and is crooked right now. :-/) but this will just sit on my desk so I am not too concerned with that.

I also wanted to tell you that I got this fabric at City Craft. You can buy it online and I am almost 99% sure they ship anywhere in the US… Check out their online store and blog at http://www.citycraftonline.com

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