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Go Your Own Way

My dad fondly refers to me as the ‘lake rat’ because ever since I was little I have spent my summers at the lake. Whether it was camping out on the islands of Lake Texoma, riding around on the front of the boat or the sea-doo’s or going fishing with the boys, I have spent plenty of time at the lake. My families boat is up at Lake Texoma and since it is our summer hot spot I figured I would paint this for my dad. It was just a map of Lake Texoma that I ‘stretched’ over a canvas and then painted. What do you think? I think the quote is perfect for it.

Here are few favorite lake photos, too. I can’t wait to get back on the lake this summer!!


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Here are some antique shop finds that I am using for something. Hopefully I will finish them soon. I am really excited about these two:

And here are two projects that are in the making:

Here is the centerpiece I did for my mom. I LOVE fall!

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Weekend Happenings

It was a pretty lazy weekend at the Wilson household. Travis and I did..nothing..we ran a few errands but basically we watched a lot of movies. At one point I noticed tucker wasn’t in the same room so I went on a search for him and found this sweet face…

A little fuzzy (I call it artsy) but still presh!

One not lazy thing we did was crayon art. This is something I’ve wanted to do since I saw it on Pintrest. So cool right?

Our art didn’t quite look like that…instead it was more Jackson Pollock -esque

Here is mine

Here is Travis’

Here is our final creation…we only had dark colors left. And we decided to use a few crayons and the crayon paper…a little assemblage.

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Painting With a Twist

I went to Painting with a Twist out in Grapevine last night with my sweet friend, Leia. Painting with a Twist is a shop the selects different paintings to create each night with ‘students.’ They provide the canvas, paints and paint brushes along with a ‘teacher’ who shows you how to paint the piece, mix colors, etc. If you haven’t tried painting since you were in Pre-K that is totally fine – it is meant for beginners to advanced artists. Once the night is over, you get to take you masterpiece home. The twist is it is BYOB. 

It would be the perfect group function, date night or night out with the girls. There are other ‘stores’ likes this such as Corks and Canvas, Let’s Art Party and so on across the countru- so if you want to attend a painting with a twist ‘class’ but Painting with a Twist is not in your home town try googling those other store names – or you could start a franchise. 🙂

We chose to go to the Van Gogh painting ‘class’ and it was a blast! It was a small class but fun nonetheless. If you are looking for a fun night out I 100% recommend it. Just don’t dip your brush in your wine glass! 🙂

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I love taking photos of the Dallas Skyline and Sunsets. About a year ago, my big brother challenged me to do a painting of the skyline for his b-day present. I wasn’t totally satisfied with it and I have been thinking of ways to perfect it ever since. Here was his painting (he wanted bright colors on the buildings)

This photo is not of the completed one but here is a photo of it hanging up at Matt’s house

And here is my current one:

It still has a ways to go. I tried it with watercolors and it has been an experience!

Here are some inspiration photos for both paintings!

This is a painting I did about a year ago- more sunset inspiration:

And I just like this prespective of downtown. I think this is an Amex sticker taken on the door at Buzzbrews. Classy.

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Painting Tucker

I was having brunch at Lucky’s on Oak Lawn a while ago and saw some fun dog paintings and decided I needed one of Tucker. Ever since then it has been on the to do list, I just haven’t wanted to tackle it just yet. Finally today was that day! It is not finished but here is what I have so far.

Here is the photo I used for inspiration

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My big brother, Matt, took this photo out at our Aunt Suzi’s ranch a few years ago. What a talented photographer!

So I hijacked it from his house with plans to use his photo as my painting inspiration.

I painted this rooster a while ago and thought it was so fun to paint that I had to do another one.

What do you think?

Maybe I will use this photo I took for inspiration next…

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