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Sad to say, the bf and I are not going to Boston this weekend due to the tornadoes that swept through the DFW area on Tuesday aaaannnnnd because duty calls and he is currently working like crazy trying to get some planes back into service. (My smart hero!)

Instead, I plan to complete some projects at my house! And not just any projects, FURNITURE projects. I know you are just as excited as I am.

I will replace my fun travel photos with redo photos! WHOO!

Stay tuned!


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A friend gave me this Chester drawers over the summer and I am in the process of redoing it.
Here are two photos that inspired me:



Here is Chester himself:


And of course I has to throw in one of me and Chester.

I got a color from Sherwin Williams but didn’t love it. Then, I found the paint color I was looking for thanks to Emily over at Main Street Chic
Here is the first and second color side by side:



I think the new color is just right. And here is my progress so far…a few gnats flew into the paint (thrilling) so I’m excited/interested to see how it turns out! I think it would look great with gold pulls. Stay tuned!



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Door Chalkboard

Another project done. I picked up this door with a friend a couple years ago and I finished it this week!

Here were my original door ideas:

  • table/desk

  • something to hang on the wall

  • headboard

  • a to do list chalkboard

I decided to make the door into a chalk board to do list. I plan to put it on sale but probably will only sell to people in my area. I am not sure there is a box to fit this..

Here are the photos of each step…or almost each step.

And yes my house looked like this for a day…

Here are some photos that inspired me…

I apologize to the owners of these photos, I am not sure where I found them. Please let me know if they are yours!

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I got this old worn out sewing table at an estate sale a few summers back.

 It has been a couple of colors and I have had a few ideas for it.

 Finally, I have decided it would be a great bedside table. My dad and I “closed off” the hole where the machine would go so the future owner could store stuff.

Now, it is finally painted and posted to my shop on etsy (which I recently renamed from just LoriEWilson to LifeatSecondGlance.)

What do you think this table could be?

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Fun Find on Friday

I found this piece of furniture on the side of the road over the summer and decided to give it a make over. It was extremely filthy. And when I was cleaning it out… well let’s just leave it at something repugnant fell out.


Over the summer, I painted it green and planned to make a cubbie for it. But I still haven’t gotten to that yet. And so it sits in my garage looking like this. Just waiting to be finished and loved by another.

Then the other day I found this photo on pinterest. I was so excited to see someone else had an idea like mine. Now I am super excited to finish this and see if it sells on Etsy.

Find it here

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Coffee Table

I moved the cart into my house tonight.  I think it looks good! What do you think?

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In the Making

Here are some trash pile finds that I am working on…

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