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Door Chalkboard

Another project done. I picked up this door with a friend a couple years ago and I finished it this week!

Here were my original door ideas:

  • table/desk

  • something to hang on the wall

  • headboard

  • a to do list chalkboard

I decided to make the door into a chalk board to do list. I plan to put it on sale but probably will only sell to people in my area. I am not sure there is a box to fit this..

Here are the photos of each step…or almost each step.

And yes my house looked like this for a day…

Here are some photos that inspired me…

I apologize to the owners of these photos, I am not sure where I found them. Please let me know if they are yours!


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I got this old worn out sewing table at an estate sale a few summers back.

 It has been a couple of colors and I have had a few ideas for it.

 Finally, I have decided it would be a great bedside table. My dad and I “closed off” the hole where the machine would go so the future owner could store stuff.

Now, it is finally painted and posted to my shop on etsy (which I recently renamed from just LoriEWilson to LifeatSecondGlance.)

What do you think this table could be?

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Fun Find on Friday

I found this piece of furniture on the side of the road over the summer and decided to give it a make over. It was extremely filthy. And when I was cleaning it out… well let’s just leave it at something repugnant fell out.


Over the summer, I painted it green and planned to make a cubbie for it. But I still haven’t gotten to that yet. And so it sits in my garage looking like this. Just waiting to be finished and loved by another.

Then the other day I found this photo on pinterest. I was so excited to see someone else had an idea like mine. Now I am super excited to finish this and see if it sells on Etsy.

Find it here

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Coffee Table

I moved the cart into my house tonight.  I think it looks good! What do you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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In the Making

Here are some trash pile finds that I am working on…

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I bought this secretary desk back at the start of the heat wave and I almost have it finished! I just have a few touch ups and then I will post it on Etsy.



Almost finished…

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I discovered this piece of furniture in a trash pile…

 …and then I brought it back to life…

and now it is for sale at my Etsy Shop.

Welcome back to life, cute side table!!

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