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Tada! I finished my black and white striped homemade skirt. It was a little tricky not having a pattern but I did it (after ripping the zipper out five times but hey, you have to learn somehow). What do you think?




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Black and White skirt

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect black and white striped skirt for a while now. Since my search has been fruitless, I decided to search for the perfect fabric to make the skirt which I found (finally!) in San Fran. Here is my progress so far.

Here is the fabric…

Pleats done. Hem pinned!

One side is sewn together and the waist is done. Now I just have to do the zipper (easier said than done) and the other side.

Stay tuned!

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DIY Onesies

I have graduated from the friends getting married phase and now am into the friends having babies phase. I feel like we have all come a long way. Our facebook news feed used to be dominated with photos from date parties, the bar and tailgates and now it is dominated with babies and first day of school photos ( I can’t judge. I recently became an aunt and Lincoln is all over my facebook). It’s so fun to watch everyone grow up and become an adult (even though I don’t feel a day older than that 22 year old girl living on Miller Street in Stillwater, OK).

For my shower gifts, I have opted to not follow the registry (I know, such a sin!), instead I have been making onesies for my lovely friends who are mothers to be. Here’s my handy dandy work. My favs are the vest, skinny tie and the state of Oklahoma.

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I have a bad habit of buying fabric and then never using it. I am not proud of this habit. I just fear that I will use the fabric on the wrong thing. I guess I am just waiting for inspiration? But either way, I have too much fabric for one who doesn’t sew on a daily basis. (I am dramatizing the situation; I have some fabric but not tons and tons. I am imaging that you think I have over 100 fabrics folded neatly in stacks when really it’s more like 25 – not so bad, right?!)

This past weekend I woke up early on Saturday after a wonderful night of watching the opening Olympic ceremonies …or falling asleep half way through them. Apparently my coffee was extremely energizing on Saturday, because I got all kinds of things done. I made some red beaded necklaces, green necklaces, sewed 5 onesies with my friend Maggie, made a blue maxi skirt and painted an exciting sample color on my dining room table (stay tuned for that post. I. Can’t. Wait.) Like I said the coffee was strong.

I had some left over fabric from a Rangers t-shirt dress that I made a few years ago and it has just been sitting in my fabric drawer waiting to be used to its full potential. I also had just the right amount of elastic and a large bag of red and green beads. So instead of spending money, I decided to make do with what I had.

Here is my Ranger dress:


I didn’t have a pattern for the skirt; I just looked at other elastic skirts I owned and just played it by ear. It’s not the best skirt in the whole world, but I think it will do just fine.

So here is my skirt with two of the red necklaces I made. It felt great to use things that have just been waiting to be used instead of spend more money and I feel like I am supporting Team USA with these colors. Such a win win!


Of course Tucker had to be a part of it.


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I have been on a onesie kick since so many people I know are having kids soon. After making onesies for my girlfriends, I realized I made a few extra so I decided to give them a go at my Etsy shop. Here are  a few pics of  pics of the new threads!


Congrats to all my bun in the oven friends!

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New Pillows

Tucker ate some pillows on my couch (ugh!), so I had to replace them.

 Here are the original ones.

And now.

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Show and Tell

I put together a ‘Show and Tell’ Page the other day for a quick view of some before and afters as well as other stuff I’ve done. Check it out here or you can click on ‘Show and Tell’ underneath pages.

Happy Friday Friends!!

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