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My hood

I love my neighborhood. From the store windows to the old homes to the fantastic food, it’s a great place to be.





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“But I know the heart of life is good”

View walking into the John Mayer concert this past weekend.


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I’m excited to spend the week of the Fourth with views like these. I’m in need of a view that does not include a computer…




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My brother proposed last week. It was fun to photograph it all. What a happy couple!


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I did a little spring cleaning and I wanted to share. My desk (and sunroom) has needed a little pick me up for months now. So randomly (but not that randomly, really I forgot about it) I found inspiration in an old coke can box. Here is my desk before. 20130401-093924.jpg

I wanted a place for my spools of thread that was a little more fun and different.
Here is the before…

So I tried this and am real happy with it! 20130401-094118.jpg
I cleaned out my drawers and filled a bowl with extra buttons…

And then I folded or refolded my fabric collection..20130401-095100.jpg
And as a part of the spring clean movement, I organized my paints that sit in a box next to my desk.
Here’s the finished product: 20130403-223112.jpg

And I just loved the light that was streaming in, so here was my view while cleaning. Really pretty but actually really hot in here.. 20130403-223253.jpg
Man, I loooovvvveee me some spring cleaning…

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It’s the Olympic opening ceremonies Eve, and just thinking about it now, I already think I might be too excited to go to sleep tonight. I understand we all have our things so if you are not excited about the Olympics or are trying to get yourself on the bandwagon, here are my reasons why I am absolutely thrilled the Olympics are about to start…

Why I, Lori Wilson, am so pumped about the Olympics

1. Women’s Gymnastics. Ever since I took preschool gymnastics where I basically jumped on the trampoline and did summersaults, I was convinced that I could be the next Kim Zmeskal, Nadia Comaneci, Shannon Miller, Kerri Strug, and more recently Nastia Luikin or Shawn Johnson (but let’s not talk about the heart break I am feeling about these two NOT being at the London Olympics). Obviously I quit gymnastics soon after preschool and did not follow my Olympic dream but my inner child still thinks I could have made it. So I live vicariously through the Jordyn Wieber’s and Gabby Douglass’ and when they fall, I fall. When they win the gold, I win the gold.


2. The side stories about how the athletes got to the Olympics. Let’s face it friends, I am a sucker for a sweet story. I used to be embarrassed when I would cry in commercials and Grey’s Anatomy but now I own it. Every time I watch the Olympics they always have some story of struggle set to either the score from Forrest Gump or Little Women and it gets me every time. Every time. I am just so moved by each athlete’s courage and tenacity. So I will sit in front of the TV with a box of Kleenex by my side.


3. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lotchte. These boys are not only phenomenal at swimming, but also they aren’t too terrible to look at. Especially with Michael’s new facial hair look. Also Michael is only THREE medals away from being the most decorated Olympian ever. EVER. And I guarantee when he wins I will be tearing up.


4. Trampoline. Shooting. Badminton. Handball. Table Tennis. I am so glad there are people who are experts in these sports, I just had no clue they were Olympic Sports. Maybe I should have focused more on the trampoline as a kid and I would have made it as an Olympian. I also love how Track and Field is called Athletics. Athletics? I thought all the games are athletics. What do I know?


5. Beach Volleyball. It makes me think of either Zack and Slater playing volleyball at Palisade Hills Country Club trying to impress Kelly Kapowski or Dylan and Brandon playing volleyball at Beverly Hills Beach Club trying to impress Kelly Taylor (things TV taught me: every pretty girl in Cali is named Kelly and watches cute boys play beach volleyball). Back to the Olympics, my seventh grade self thinks I should have gone pro in volleyball.

6. Something to watch. Finally, I am so excited to watch the Olympics because besides So You Think You Can Dance, there is nothing on TV right now, which bores me.

I hope you all are now pumped for the Olympics. I am tempted to go buy their Ralph Lauren French looking outfit but since it wasn’t made in America, I will pass. Shame!

Happy Olympics Eve!


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Hopeless Romantic

Warning : This post is extremely girlie. If you don’t like rom com’s or love or have no heart please close this page immediately. All others, read on.

I have to admit I cannot wait for “The Vow” with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams to come out. This past weekend, my friend played the trailer for me and now I am hooked and anxiously waiting for Feb 10 to get here. I have been in need of a good new rom com and “The Vow” looks like it is going to be right up my alley. If you have not seen the preview here watch this:

A few reasons why I am super excited to see it:

  1. Great couple. Rachel McAdams is wonderful and there is not one movie I don’t love her in. And Channing Tatum…not only is he good looking he is also such a man. I absolutely LOVED him in Dear John. I can’t wait to see their chemistry.

  2. It’s based on true events. I love that a man actually romanced his wife for a second time. Talk about love and commitment. That is love.

  3. I just love a passionate, dramatic romantic comedy and I don’t feel like there have been any new rom com releases lately. What girl doesn’t love to live vicariously through a movie for an evening? I have a feeling this will be up there with movies like “Dear John”, “The Notebook”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “PS I love you”.


So in my excitement, I decided to make a playlist recommendation from watching the preview. If I had to make the soundtrack here are a few songs I would think about including:

Green Eyes – Coldplay

You Belong to Me – Jason Wade or Carla Bruni

She will be loved- Maroon 5

This Year’s Love – David Gray

Fix You – Coldplay

If it Kills Me – Jason Mraz (from the Casa Nova Sessions)

Look After You – The Fray

When She Comes Around – Ben Rector

Edge of Desire – John Mayer

Enchanted – Taylor Swift (it was in the preview so I can’t take credit for it)

I just don’t think I’ll ever get over you – Collin Hay

When a Heart Breaks- Ben Rector

Sideways- Citizen Cope

Return to me – Dean Martin and Warren Luening

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